Configuring the Delivery Error-Related Quarantine

This type of quarantine system (already configured with default settings) helps clean your contact list and reduce the error delivery rate by quarantining the contacts with a certain number of consecutive errors occurring during a specific period. A high volume of delivery errors can affect your reputation as a sender. These errors can be caused by sendings to a valid address or phone number, but for which the problem is possibly temporary.  

Possible causes for temporary errors:

  • Full inbox (for example, the contact may be on vacation) 
  • Inbox server is down
  • DNS in error

Since it could be a temporary error, we let another chance to the contact and make other attempts before quarantining the contact. The delivery error-related quarantine is activated by default in your project, but you can change the default settings.

How To

Start by going to the contact tools, then click Access under Quarantine management:

Click Edit next to the channel you want to change the default settings:

In the popup window, you can change the settings:

A minimum of X consecutive errors is necessary to consider the problem permanent, and these errors should occur over a minimum period of X days. The default settings (7 errors/45 days for email and 3 errors/7 days for SMS) cover most cases. If your sending frequency is high, consider reducing the minimum period since the number of trials will be reached fast. 

If you only send messages monthly, it would be better to select 3 to 4 consecutive errors on a 60-90 day period - this way at least 3 newsletters may fail to be delivered before quarantining the contact. It is not recommended to select a number of consecutive errors lower than 3 or a number of days higher than 90. 

Note that the number of consecutive errors resets to zero when a message is delivered successfully.

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