Configuring the delivery error related quarantine

This quarantine option allows you to further clean up your contact list, and to reduce your delivery error rate by quarantining contacts who encounter a given number of delivery errors within a given period. 

This type of quarantine is used to eliminate invalid email addresses and phone numbers from your contact database in order to reduce your delivery error rate and therefore improve your sender's reputation.

For example, think about all these contacts who have stopped using an email address (for example, or to use a more popular one (such as gmail or hotmail). These old inboxes are bound to be full, and never emptied, necessarily causing a bunch of errors. By eliminating these addresses, you will surely reduce your delivery error rate. But you need to be careful as not to also eliminate addresses that are valid, but just inactive for a while, like when a contact is on vacation, or its inbox just full for some reason. 

You need to take into account 2 aspects:

  1. The number of consecutive errors
    There needs to be at least "X" errors (by default, 7 for emails and 3 for SMS) to consider that the problem is real, and the errors must be consecutive.
    This rule prevents from putting contacts on quarantine in the event of:
    • temporary configuration errors (for example, an inbox broken by an administrator, a server failure, a broken DNS, etc.)
    • intermittent errors related to the content of the message (for example, a specific message might be rejected because of its content, but other messages might be delivered with success)
  2. The duration over which these errors occur
    The address must be in error (and in a consecutive manner) for an acceptable minimal duration (by default, 45 days for emails and 5 for SMS).
    This rule prevents from putting contacts on quarantine in the event of:
    • short term problems (for example, an inbox that would be full because its owner has been on vacation for 3 weeks). You don't want to quarantine a contact that has subscribed to 3 daily newsletters after only 3 days!
    • serious configuration problems (for example, a server failure that would take a week or two to be restored or replaced)

Default configuration

The delivery error related quarantine is enabled by default. This default configuration covers most cases. The only situation that could require an adjustment to the parameters would be if you only send emails on a monthly basis; in such a case, it would be better to change the quarantine to occur after 3 or 4 consecutive errors occurring over a period of 60 to 90 days, to ensure, for instance, that at least 3 monthly newsletters could not be delivered before putting a contact on quarantine.

The default behavior is as follows:

  • A contact will be quarantined if at least 7 delivery errors have occurred consecutively over a period of at least 45 days.
  • A contact's number of consecutive errors is reset to zero as soon as a message is delivered with success.

How To

  1. Navigate to the contact configuration page by clicking Contact > Configuration > Contacts > Quarantines on delivery errors.
  2. On the configuration page, check the Activate option.
  3. Define the conditions that will put contacts on quarantine:
    • the number of consecutive delivery errors that must be registered, and
    • the minimum period over which these errors must occur.
  4. Click Save.

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