Using Consent and Opt-In Information

Information related to opt-ins and implied consents (Canada only) can be used for multiple purposes, such as to search, display and target your contacts, as well as how to add restrictions when configuring your mailings, so that only those contacts eligible to receive a given message will receive it. For this additional information to be displayed in other sections of the application, your project must have at least one opt-in or consent, depending on the activated module.

To search for contacts

You can use these new data to search your contacts. In the search window, under the advanced options, you can find an option called Based on consents. The available criteria allow you to search all types and statuses of consent.

To create groups

When a project includes specific rules for implicit consent (Canada only) or subscriptions, it is then possible to create groups taking these criteria into account. You can use the editing tool to define criteria for including or excluding contacts in a group. 

To see the consent and opt-in history of a contact

The contact profile includes a section for Consents, where  shows all the opt-ins and consents applicable to the contact.

To assign a consent or opt-in to a specific communication type

When assigning an implied consent or an opt-in to a specific communication type, it allows you to define the conditions to be met to send messages of this type.

See how to define the sending conditions of a communication type.

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