Cancelling a Draw

You can cancel a draw as long as it is not completed. A draw is considered to be completed when all the prizes have been drawn and all the winners have been approved. Therefore, if there is still one prize to be drawn or one winner to approve, you will be able to cancel the draw. Furthermore, a reason must be provided to cancel a draw. Cancelled draws are listed under the Cancelled tab.

Example You might need to cancel a draw, for example, if you realize, after having drawn winners, that you have selected the wrong participants or the wrong prize package.

It is important to know that cancelling a draw does not cancel in any way the winners that were already drawn, nor the prizes already won.

PrerequisiteTo be able to cancel a draw, it must not be completed, meaning that not all prizes have been drawn and all winners approved.
Access Path > Contacts > Draw >List

 How To

  1. In the page listing all active draws, click on the name of the draw to cancel and click Cancel .
  2. In the confirmation window, explain the reason for this action and click Cancel.
    The draw will be moved to the list of cancelled draws, under the Cancelled tab.
  3. If you want to reuse a cancelled draw, you can reactivate it by clicking Reactivate; the draw will be moved back to the list of active draws, under the Draws tab.

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