Creating a Prize Package

Using prize packages, as opposed to a unique prize, offers many benefits. First, a prize package is configured separately and is saved so it can be reused as needed for another draws. Second, if the draw offers many different prizes, of different values, using a prize package is required so you can define each one and set the prize winning order.


Access Path > Contacts > Draw
Once in the draw module : Configuration > Prize packages

 How To

  1. In the page listing all prize packages, click Create.
  2. In the package creation window, specify a code for the package. It is suggested to also provide a name as this is the name that displays in the list of prize packages, and a description if you need to better identify the package. Providing a name in other languages is useful when the application is used in English, so that packages are listed with their English names (in en-US).

  3. Click Create.
  4. In the edit page, go to the Prize package section and click Create.
  5. In the prize creation window, enter the code of the first prize, its quantity (that is the number of entrants who can win this prize) and its name. Example The first prize could be a trip around the world; and you might have 2 trips like this to draw. The other fields are optional, but can be used to further identify the prize. Click Createto save the prize definition.
    • Proceed the same way for defining each prize of the package.
  6. Once all prizes are defined for the package, make sure that the order of the prizes in the list corresponds to how you want prizes to be drawn. You might want the highest value prize to be drawn first, and the continue with the other prizes until the draw of the lowest value prize. However, if the lowest value prize is shown at the top of the list, it will be drawn first.

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