Defining Field Availability

Once the fields have been created in your project, you have the possibility to display them in some of the application interfaces. Configuring the availability of the fields allows you to control where they appear, so your project structure is clearer. The 5 display options are: 

  • search
  • lists 
  • segmentation
  • contact profile
  • preview and tests

For example, you could choose to display the name and preferences of your contacts in the search results, but not their gender or address. By default, the required fields (last name, first name and email) and the primary key fields are set to be displayed in the 5 interfaces, but you may change this, except for the contact profile. To see concrete examples for every option, check the results section.

Before Starting

In order to edit the availability of the fields, you need to have permission granted. If it is not your case, please ask your account manager.  

How to Define Field Availability

Results of Availability Options

Display option
Example with the field City

To display the fields in the filters for contact search.
To display the fields in the columns of the search results for the contacts. 
To display the fields in the statistics when creating a graph. 
Contact profile
To display the fields in the summary of the contact profile. The fields will appear only if they contain a value. For example, if you did not fill in the City field when adding a contact, this field will not appear for this contact. 
Preview and tests
To display the fields in the Contact profile on the message test page. It is suggested to select here a field that you usually use for personalization and conditional content. By being displayed, it will be quicker and easier to validate if personalized and conditional content really corresponds to the contact.

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