Lifting the Quarantine

Lifting the quarantine placed on a contact lets you restore the contact's status to be eligible to receive messages.

It is important to know that lifting the quarantine is not recommended unless you have corrected the invalid email address or phone number or rectified the cause of the repetitive delivery error.

Lifting an unjustified quarantine could affect your sender's reputation. For instance, if you lift the quarantine without changing the contact's email in the profile, chances are this address will be quarantined again when you next send messages.

To be able to lift the quarantine, the contact must first have been put in quarantine by the system, either because of an email syntax error or an unknown email.
Access Path
> Viewing a Contact's Profile

How To

  1. Start by correcting the cause of the quarantine.
  2. Open the contact's information card and go the Profile section.
  3. Click Lift email quarantine or Lift SMS quarantine.
    The contact will return to his/her initial status.

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