Integrating a DImension into an Email

If you have an activated DImension that contains an asset matrix, you can integrate it into your emails. Thus, you get hyper-personalized content. Each recipient receives an adapted and targeted version according to the criteria defined in your DImension. 

To integrate your DImension into an email, you have to follow these 2 steps: 

  1. Associate the DImension to an email
  2. Insert the DImension into the email

Before Starting

It is preferred to use a Dialog Insight email model to integrate your DImension. If you wish to use your own personalized model, please contact us so we can check the compatibility of your model with the feature.

Step 1: Associate a DImension to an Email

In the email Edit interface, go to Additional options

Go to the DImensions section and click on Add:  

Select the DImension you want to use (the DImension must be activated to appear in this list) and the Eligibility Type

The Optional type means that a targeted contact does not have to be included in the segmentation of the DImension in order to receive the email. The Mandatory type means the opposite: the contact must be included in the segmentation to receive the email. It is possible to associate several DImensions to an email if needed.

Step 2: Insert the DImension into an Email

Following step 1, come back to the Edit mode. In the Elements section of the left panel, then, drag and drop a DImension block into the email body:

If you use a model other than those provided by Dialog Insight, you will probably not see the DImension block in the panel. Please contact our team to have this option added to your personalized model. We will verify the compatibility of your model with the feature.

If you have associated more than one DImension to the email, you should specify which will apply to the added block. If you have content blocks inside your DImension, all these blocks will be selected by default. If you wish to use only one, you can specify which. 

If one of these two situations applies to you, you can click on the pen to open the edit window (otherwise skip these steps): 


To visualize and test the contents of your DImension, toggle to Test mode. In the left menu, you can open a Preview with a contact and select a segment. The DImension content will change depending on which segment or contact is chosen: 

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