Editing a Draw

It is possible to edit any draw information as long as a winner has not been drawn.

However, as soon as a winner is drawn, it is no longer possible to edit entrants nor prizes. The only information that can be modified at this stage is the name and description of the draw, or to reject a winner in order to draw a new one.

PrerequisiteDraw editing is only possible when no winner has been drawn.
Access Path > Contacts > Draw >List

 How To

  1. In the list of existing draws, select the draw you wish to edit and click on the edit icon  or Edit button. You can also double click on the name of the draw to open it for editing.
  2. In the Edit page, make the necessary changes. Information that can be modified depends on whether a winner has been drawn or not. If no prize has yet been drawn, you can edit any information. If however a prize has been drawn, you can only edit the draw name, description and winners.
    To know how to edit each section of the draw definition, read the topic on Creating a Draw.

  3. Make sure to register your changes by clicking Save.

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