Why can't I access my account?

Various reasons can explain why you can no longer access your Dialog Insight account:

Inactive account

The user's account, or the company's, has been deactivated.

--> You must, in this case, contact a user who has admin rights to your account.

Locked account

An account is locked when there has been too many login failures. The number of accepted attempts depends on the company's security configuration.

For example, if a company has set to lock an account after 3 failed login attempts, a user who enters the wrong password 3 times in a row will no longer be able to access his account after.

For the account to be unlocked, you have two options.

--> You can try to login again later. This will be possible if your company has opted for the automatic unlock after a given period.

--> You can contact a user who has admin rights to your account and ask to have your account unlocked.

*Note that the error message displayed will give you an indication on how to proceed.

Expired access

A user's access, or a company's, can expire if an expiry date has been set. This is usually done to provide temporary access to a user for a short time, or for a company that will be used for training or demo purposes.

--> To have access to the account again, contact a user who has admin rights to your account.

Unauthorized IP address

The company's configuration does not allow logins from the IP address you are currently using.

--> Ask a user who has admin rights to your account to see if your IP address can be added to the list of authorized IP addresses.

IP address blocked by the platform

If none of the previous reasons can explain the situation, it might be that the IP address from which you are trying to login has been blocked by the Dialog Insight platform due to too many login failures. These unsuccessful login attempts might have been performed by a co-worker on the same network. When this occurs, all users on the same network and using the same IP address are blocked.  So if your entire team cannot access the application, this is probably the reason.
--> To solve this issue, you must contact Dialog Insight and provide us with your IP address (type "what’s my IP" in Google to get it) and confirm that we can unblocked it. It is strongly recommended to check if it is really a member of your team who has forgotten his login information and not a security breach (such as a robot trying to login with different access codes).

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