Creating and Publishing an Email Template

A template can be reused to create emails easily and quickly. In most cases, you will use an existing template or email to create your template. You could have a template for your newsletter, for your promotions or for a seasonal event like Christmas.

Step 1: Choose a Starting Point

Go to the Messages section under Configuration (in the left menu), then choose the Templates option. Click on Create in the upper left. 

Fill in the required information and click on Create:

Name: Give a name to recognize your template easily. 

Communication type: Choose a communication type to link with your template.

Starting point: Choose among the 4 starting options:

  1. My Templates - Templates you have created and published.
  2. DI Templates - Default templates provided by Dialog Insight.
  3. Blank Email- Empty template with no predefined content. It allows you to paste HTML code and create a template directly in the HTML editor.
  4. Existing Email - Existing emails you have created.

You can click on the lens in the center of a template to get a preview of the message (desktop and mobile).

Step 2: Edit the Template

Once in the editor, edit the default blocks and add content with the drag and drop as you would for an email (text, images, buttons, etc.). To learn more about the editor, see Creating an Email or Creating an HTML Email.  

Step 3: Preview the Email

When the content is ready, you can preview the message by clicking Test:

You will have to add the required information, such as the subject line and sender.

Step 4: Publish the Template

When you are ready to use the template, click Availability:

*If you wish to unpublish your template to make changes or to remove it from the available templates, click Availability.


The template is now available when you create a new email in My templates option.   

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