Web Services Documentation (API)


Dialog Insight offers several Web Services you can call from your servers. You must first configure the Web Services before starting to call the API. 

Consult Web Services Documentation

This documentation includes descriptions of services and methods, a test interface and a log of the calls. 

Use Case Examples

Here are a few examples of use:

  • All your client information is managed by your CRM, but you want to transfer certain information into Dialog Insight in order to send email messages and analyze results. You could, for example, set a web service call to create and modify contacts in real-time.
    See Contacts.Get and Contacts.Merge
  • Your contact information is managed by multiple applications other than Dialog Insight and you wish to synchronize this data into Dialog Insight so you can target your contacts based on the latest information.
    See Contacts.Get and Contacts.Merge
  • You want to make sure that you delete from Dialog Insight all contacts that have been put on your kill file.
    See KillFile.CheckExists
  • You want to import in Dialog Insight items that were bought by your clients on your online store. These items will be recorded in a custom table in Dialog Insight. You can then follow-up on these purchases via email messages.
    See RelationalTables.Get
  • You want to send a reminder by SMS to your clients who have an appointment in 48 hours.
    See SMSSendings.SendText.
  • Once per day, you want to check newly added clients and launch an automated welcome scenario.
    See Scenario.LaunchSingle
  • You want to create a marketing campaign for all your clients through web services.
    See Sendings.SendBatch
  • Once clients have made a purchase, you want to send them a thank you email.
    See Sendings.SendSingle2


Web services have a maximum amount of calls per account. We recommend staying well below these limits at all times since it could block important processes. 

1500 calls
51 250 calls
101 750 calls
60 (1 hour)7 500 calls
1 440 (1 day)
100 000 calls

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