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PrerequisiteTo be entitled to create draws, the draw related module must be activated for .
Since it is mandatory to have at least one language associated to a draw, it is suggested to define this language first (Configuration > Cultures); otherwise, you won't be able to define draw prizes.
Access Path > Contacts > Draw

How To

Define draw parameters

  1. From the draw list page, click Create.
  2. When the creation window opens, enter a name and a description (optional) for the draw.
  3. Then, from the Select from the list, select the project that contains the people you want to enter in the draw.
  4. Click Create to complete the creation and continue with the draw definition.
  5. Click Next to go to the next step.

Choose contacts to be entered in the draw

  1. If you haven't ended up on this page automatically from the previous step, click on the Participants tab.
  2. Under the Participants tab, determine the date to be used to select eligible participants amongst the contacts of the project, either from a date in the contact form or a date from a relational table.
  3. Then, in the Entry date list, select the desired date in the list of eligible ones; the dates shown correspond to those available in the selected source (contact form or table).
  4. In the Eligibilitysection, indicate whether you want all contacts of the project to be entered in the draw, or only contacts from specific groups.
    • If you want to limit the number of participants to those of specific groups, select the corresponding option and click Add to select those groups, by selecting them from the list of available groups and moving them in the list of selected groups.
    • It is also possible to choose participants based on specific criteria, by adding clauses and sub-clauses to be satisfied. To do so, start by defining a first criterion by clicking on + clause. In the criterion addition window, select the field in which to search the desired value, specify the operator (equal to, smaller than, contains, etc.) as well as the desired value, or select the field whose value interests you. Click Add. As needed, add another clause or a sub-clause to an existing clause.
  5. Back to the main participant selection page, validate the number of participants by clicking Count.
  6. In the Chancessection, specify the number of chances you want each participant to have : one chance per participant or the number of chances specified in a given project field.
    • To give a single chance to each participant, simply select that option, which is the default one.
    • If you want to offer chances as per the value of a given field, select this option and select the related field. Note that only project fields whose value is an integer are available for selection.
    • If needed, you can add an additional criterion, which will cancel the number of chances provided if the contact does not satisfy it.
  7. The Referralsection is used to grant an additional chance to participants who refer others.
    • Start by checking this option, in order to display the related fields.
    • Select the project field that is used to indicate the identification number of the referral source, which must be defined beforehand in the project fields.
  8. Once all participant selection information is defined, click Save.
  9. If you want to view the list of participants, you must export it to Excel by clicking Export. You then have to specify which fields and format to use. Click Continue to start the export. You can then choose to either open or save the file.
    To view the list of participants, there is no choice but to export it.
  10. Click Next to go to the next step.

Define prizes

  1. If you haven't ended up on this page automatically from the previous step, click on the Prizes tab.
  2. If the prize of your draw is unique and will only be used for this specific draw, then select the Unique prize option. For example, you would use this option if you are drawing a pair of cinema tickets; you can have either only one pair to draw or multiple ones, as long as the prize is the same for all. The number of pairs of tickets is indicated in the Quantity field. You must indicate the code of the prize as well as its name. As needed, you can enter additional information to better identify the prize. This extra information is however not used anywhere else in the application for the moment (description, prize value and image (URL).
  3. If you are planning on offering multiple and different prizes, or just one but want to reuse this prize in another draw, select the Prize packageoption. You would choose this option if your draw has a first, second and third prize, that are all different.
    • You can choose a prize package from the list of existing packages.
    • Or you can create a new one by clicking on Define a prize package. In general, it is better to create prize packages beforehand,using the related configuration option via > Contacts > Draw > Configuration > Prize packages.
      • In the event of a new package, start by defining the parameters, that is the code of the package, its name and description. You will then be brought to the configuration page of prize packages. Once the configuration is done, you will need to come back to the draw definition via Draws > List and then go to the Prizes tab. Click Create.
      • In the edit window of the prize package, go to Prize package section to create the prizes. Click Create to open the prize creation window and enter a code, a quantity (that is the number of possible winners for this prize) and a name for the prize.
      • Follow the same procedure for each prize of the package.
      • Once all prizes have been configured, go back to the draw editing via Draws > List.
  4. Click Next to go to the next step.

Draw winners

  1. If you haven't ended up on this page automatically from the previous step, click on the Winners tab.
    This page shows the number of entrants in the draw, the number of prizes to win and the number of prizes that are left to draw.
  2. As needed, you can exclude some participants by selecting the related group from the list of existing groups.
  3. If your draw offers only one chance per participant, there will be a link called View participants with multiple entries to let you see if some participants have worked their way around the rules and have more than one entry.
  4. Finally, you must draw the winners by clicking Select.
    When there is a prize package, prizes are drawn in the order they are listed under the Prize package section of the package definition.
  5. Once the draw is done, you will see the list of winners displayed, and the prize that is won by each. To complete the draw, it is important to approve the winners, either one at a time by clicking Approve, or all together by selecting Approve all. If a participant is not eligible, or cannot be reached for example, you can reject this winner in order to can draw another one. When a winner is rejected, the related prize becomes available again and you can draw this newly available prize amongst the remaining entrants (those who have not won a prize or been rejected).

View the progress of the draw

The progress charts let you see the number of entrants in the draw and when they became eligible.
If charts cannot be displayed and you see an error message, make sure you have specified an draw entry date, as this information is mandatory.

  1. Define whether you want to see entrants by day, week or month.
  2. Choose the display period by selecting start and end dates.
  3. Click Apply to update the chart with the new period and format.

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