Viewing Contest Entries

Once a contest has been published and the entry period on, you can see the evoluation of the contest entries, as well as the number of new contacts gained though the contest.

Prerequisite The contest must be published.
Access Path > Workflows > Contests

 How To

  1. In the list of online or ended contests, select the one you wish to view entries for and click View .
  2. Entries can be viewed in two different formats:
  • On the Report page, to see entries as charts.
Chart Description
Participation report Displays the following information, by day and cumulative:
  • Entries - The number of entries in the contests.
  • Sent invitations - The number of friends who got an invitation to enter the contest from participants.
  • Accepted invitations - The number of invited friends who have accepted to enter the contest.
Contact acquisition The number of new contacts added to the project through the contest, as well as the number of participants who were contacts already, on the total number of participants.

You can click on any chart to see the related list of participants.

  • On the Entries page, to display the entries as a list of participants.
    This list displays the first name, last name and email of all participants.
    • If needed, you can filter participants based on a given period or using any of the provided profile field. Once criteria are specified, click on Apply.
    • From this list, you can select a participant and click Details to view this participant's contact profile.

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