Updating Information in Multiple Records at Once

The function to update multiple records provide the ability to edit, at once, information in multiple records of the same custom table,

PrerequisiteThe project must have at least one custom table.
Access Path  > Contacts > Search

How To

  1. Start by searching the records to modify via the Search in a custom table tab.
  2. If you have already made a similar search and have saved it, you can select it from the list of Saved searches in order to reuse it.
  3. In the Search records in the table field, select the table in which the information to edit is located.
    The search criteria only displays once a table is selected.
  4. Specify the search criteria to find the desired records in the table.
    The fields available to perform the search vary according to the selected table.
    If a field is not visible, click on Change field list to display additional fields to use for the search.
  5. If you want to limit the number of contacts to those of a specific group, select the Restrict to group members option and then choose the desired group in the drop-down list.
  6. If you also want to search the fields in the contact profiles, select the Use the contact profile fields option and then choose the fields and data to search.
    If a field is not visible, click on Change field list to display additional fields to use for the search.
  7. If you think you might perform the same search again, click Save this searchand specify a name for the search.
    • You can also indicate whether you want to add this search to the shortcut list in the right pane or if you want to share it with other users having access to this project. More info...Optional Shortcuts
  8. Once all criteria have been specified, click on Search.
  9. From the list of results, select the records you wish to update if you do not want to apply the change to all records. To do so, just click on the desired lines one after the other so they become highlighted on a blue background. To deselect a record, just click again to remove the highlight and the selection.
  10. Click on Multiple updates.
  11. When the update window displays, specify the following information:
    1. Indicate whether you want the change to apply to all records, or to the selected records only.
    2. Select the field to update.
      **Only fields included in the custom table can be selected for modification, except those fields composing the primary key. In addition, all data displayed in the list of results that comes from the project fields cannot be modified here.
    3. Type in the new value to apply to the selected field.
    4. Click on Apply.

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