Configuring Mobile Push Notifications

To be able to send mobile notifications, you must first add the mobile applications on which you plan to send these notifications.

Dialog Insight supports mobile notifications to iOS (Apple) and Android (Google) apps via Google’s Firebase Cloud Messaging.

  • Have a mobile application ready or in development.
  • Have a Google account to access Firebase Cloud Messaging.
Access Path > Configuration > Push notifications 

Step 1: Configure Your App in Firebase Cloud Messaging

First of all, you must setup your mobile application(s) in Google’s Firebase Cloud Messaging, for each desired platform iOS and Apple.

Step 2: Configure the Permissions

  1. Select Push Notification in the Configuration section of the main menu.
  2. Click the Firebase Authorizations button, then create an authorization.
  3. Enter a name that makes it easy to recognize the authorization.
  4. Enter the Firebase project ID. This information can be found in the Project Settings page by clicking on the gear icon on your Firebase platform.
  5. Click Retrieve Authorization Tokens.
  6. Enter your Google account credentials linked to the Firebase project.
  7. Click on the Save button.

Step 3: Generates the Key from DI

  1. Select Push Notification in the Configuration section of the main menu of the DI platform.
  2. Press the Add your mobile app button.
  3. Click the pencil icon to name the app.
  4. Click on the Configure button.
  5. Choose from the drop-down list the authorization created previously in connection with the mobile application.
  6. Click on the Save button.

Once the configuration is done, you get the Dialog Insight key (Application ID). This key is different for each platform. It will be used in the configuration of the DI library in your mobile application

Step 4: Configure the Dialog Insight Library

A member of the Dialog Insight team must step in at this stage. You must give them the following details:

  • If you want to create or edit the contact who uses the mobile app in the DI project. Note that the creation of the contact is done, if no project key match is found.
  • Specify the fields allowed to be synchronized in Dialog Insight.

  • If you want to control the identity of the mobile application who asks to create or modify a contact.

Step 5: Retrieve the Firebase Tokens and Statistics 

Firebase tokens must be transmitted to Dialog Insight to send the notification to the correct contact. Additionally, information regarding the opening of the notification must also be transmitted to us. 

Please note that this procedure must be carried out by your developers.

To do this, we propose two solutions:

Option 1: Using our SDKs 
Add the Dialog Insight library to your mobile application with the following instructions:
Integration instructions for iOS (Objective-C) 
Integration instructions for Android (Java)

Option 2: Using our web services 
Refer to the documentation on the web services to be used:

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