Exporting a List of Contacts

Exporting contacts provides the ability to extract contacts and contact information contained in the application to an external file that can be kept on your computer. This file can be used as an archive or be modified and reimported if needed.

Access Path > Contacts > Search

How To

  1. Start by searching for the contacts you want to export. See Searching for Contacts.
  2. In the result window, click on Export.
  3. In the next window that opens, specify the export options and format.
Export all dataOption used to indicate whether you want to export all the information contained in the project, which correspond toall the fields in the project. When this option is selected, you can also choose to include or not administrative fields such as the contact creation, activation or deactivation dates and other system information.
Use the following formatOption used to export only specific information, which correspond to the information provided for the fields included in the predefined file format.
To see what a file format includes, you need to go to > Configuration > File formats
FormatOption used to specify the format of the data when exported:
  • Excel 2007 (.xlsx) - (Excel 2007 and later)
  • Excel 2003 (.xls) - (Excel 2003 and later but before Excel 2007)
  • CSV - where data in the exported file are separated by commas
  • CSV (fr-CA) - where data in the exported file are separated by semi-colons
 EncodingOption used to specify the encoding used for the exported file. It is strongly recommended to always use the universal UTF-8 standard, which accepts special characters, unless you data is using the ISO-8859-1 format.
  1. Click on Continue to launch the export.
  2. You will then have the option to open the file, in the application of your choice, or to save it for future use. The exported file will be named Export-, followed by the export date, time and format extension (.csv, .xls ou .xlsx), such as Export-2013-03-21-16.19.20.csv. The saved file will be placed in the directory configured to store downloaded files.

If you want to export the data of one single contact, consult Exporting all of a contact's data.

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