Editing Project Configuration's

It is possible to edit the parameters of any project, whether it is online or in preparation. The changes made are applied upon saving.

Access Path
> Configuration > Project
> > Project fields

How To

Various changes can be performed under the parameters' Edit page:

Edit the project name

To change the name of a project, click on the edit icon shown next to the name of the project, in the header section of the edit page, and enter the new name.

The name of the project is only displayed within the application, never in publications intended for contacts.

Edit the project label

To change the label of a project, click on the edit icon shown next to the name of the project, in the header section of the edit page, and replace the existing label by a new one, in all desired languages.

The label is the public name of the project. If more than one language is available in the project, you can provide a label for each language. More info...Defining Available Languages in a Project

Edit the project description

Under the Description field, replace the existing description by a new one or add one.

Add a new language to a project

If you can't find the desired language in the supported languages, you must request for this language to be added by filling out the related form, available when clicking on Add language. The form indicates what needs to be provided and the form is to be sent back to Dialog Insight.

Delete a language from a project

Once you have checked a language in order to use it in a project, you cannot delete it as such, but you can disable it by removing the associated check mark. If you have requested to use a custom language, you will also be able to uncheck it as to make it unavailable in the project.

Note: When you delete a language, you only remove it from the available languages. All the labels that were created in that language are not deleted and will display if you decide to enable that language again later.

Edit the project's time zone

In the Time zones section, select another time zone in the list of valid ones. By default, the time zone selected for the company when it was set up is used for the project.

All the message related results are also displayed based on the new time zone selected. When different from the company time zone, it is indicated. More info... Working with Different Time Zones

Edit the option to send messages to contacts' local time

In the Time zones section, check or uncheck the Allow message distribution based on contact's local time, as to offer or not the ability to send messages at the time of contacts, so that recipients all receives the message at the specified time, as per each contact's local time. For instance, if you specify that the message should be sent at 8 AM your time, contacts on their part, will receive the message at 8 AM as well, but their time. For the contact's time zone to be taken into account, this time zone must have been provided for contacts. When you want to provide this information for all your contacts, this definition can only be done via import or form ( opt-in or profile update for example). Otherwise, it can be done manually, one contact at a time, in the contact's profile by clicking on the  icon. 

Once all changes are done, click Save.

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