About web push notifications

Web push notifications allow you to send a message, either on a pc or mobile, to your website visitors who have accepted to receive notifications. This communication channel is quite useful addition to your marketing strategy to further retain contacts.

What are the benefits?

  • Higher subscription rate - Very easy to accept notifications, without having to provide personal information.
  • Higher conversion rate - 20 times higher than emails.
  • Better delivery - Unlike emails that can end up in the spam folder.
  • Low unsubscribe rate - Visitors remain subscribers longer.
  • Personalized content - Using profile information of known subscribers found in your contact list.

How to use it?

The Dialog Insight platform offers multiple features that can use web push notifications: 

  • Send notifications in batch (broadcast)
  • Send notifications through a marketing automation scenario
  • Send notifications via web services (API)
  • Create a group of contacts based on sent notifications
  • See the number of subscribers, as well as the number of contacts among those subscribers

Who does it look?

A web push notification contains:

  • A title 
  • A content (the message itself)
  • A redirection link when the notification is clicked
  • An icon that represents the company - logo or other image
  • A bigger image (that displays only in Chrome)
  • The domain name of the website

How does it works?

  1. You configure your website on Dialog Insight.
  2. A code (script) and files are provided by Dialog Insight and must be copied to your website pages.
  3. You integrate the subscription request (call-to action) where you want on your website.
  4. The visitor clicks the request and allow notifications to be displayed. 
  5. You can send notifications!

The subscriber can choose to block notifications at any time, from the browser's configuration parameters, by clicking the parameter icon shown on all received notifications (Allow/Block).

Supported browsers

BrowsersOperating systems
Version 42+Windows (PC)
MacOS (OS X) (PC)
Android (Mobile)
Version 44+Windows (PC)
MacOS (OS X) (PC)
Android (Mobile)
Version 42+Windows (PC)
MacOS (OS X) (PC)
Android (Mobile)
Version 17+Windows (PC)
MacOS (OS X) (PC) - Upcoming
iOS (Mobile/Tablet) - Not supported


How long does it take to display a notification?
On some platforms, the notification will disappear after a short period of time, while others will show it until the subscriber interacts with it.

If the visitor is not on my website, will he sees my notification?
Yes. However, the majority of browsers supporting Web push must be open to display the notification. Upon opening its browser, the subscriber's notifications will be displayed.

Can I limit notifications to only a few sections of my website?
Yes. You must install the script provided on the pages in which you wish to offer the subscription. Only visitors with access to these pages will be able to subscribe, like connected visitors, for example.

Do web pushes work on a browser in private mode?
No, the private mode does not allow web push notifications.

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