About mobile push notifications

A mobile push notification is a message that is delivered directly to a user's mobile device by means of Apple's or Google's message delivery services. The notification will still appear even if the user is on another application, or the device is locked. Push notifications are a great way to stay in touch with your contacts because of this. 

Having said that, exercise caution to avoid going overboard. If a user receives too many notifications, they will typically deactivate them, and you would have lost this vital channel of communication. Push notifications are the best way to promote app use when used wisely.  

As with emails, we advise personalizing notifications for your contacts to increase opening rates even more.

How it works
A notification delivery service called Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), developed by Google, enables third-party app developers to send push notifications to apps that are installed on Android and iOS devices. 

  1. When your mobile app is installed, the Android or iOS platform asks the notification service for a token ID.
  2. The ID that serves as the address for the delivery of the notifications is sent to the app by the FCM.
  3. The application transmits this ID to the delivery platform (Dialog Insight).
  4. With the token IDs, the delivery platform notifies the FCM, who then pushes the notifications to the appropriate devices.

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