About Quarantines

Quarantine is a process to temporarily suspend messages to possibly erroneous contacts without deactivating the contact. Contact error check keeps the contact list clean, limits constant delivery errors and protects your reputation as a sender. Dialog Insight applies quarantine in two ways.

1. Invalid email or phone number

After sending a message, Dialog Insight can receive a response from the destination server indicating that the coordinates do not exist. When an invalid address or number is detected, Dialog Insight will automatically send this contact in quarantine for this communication channel. For example, if the email address is invalid, the contact will be placed in email quarantine and will receive more emails unless the quarantine is lifted.

There are very rare cases where an email address is placed in quarantine while the email is valid (e.g., the destination server had temporarily deactivated the account or had problems at the time of sending). 

2. Repetitive delivery errors

Dialog Insight's system also cleans the list by putting in quarantine contacts with a number of delivery errors in a certain period. This type of quarantine is also activated by default. You could configure the default settings (number of errors and period) depending on your sending volume.

How to lift the quarantine
If after validation the remote server is restored, and you know that an email can be delivered, you can lift the quarantine. Never unquarantine an invalid address as this may negatively impact your sender reputation, which is analyzed by destination servers and spam filters to determine your trust rating.

To lift the quarantine, you can use one of these methods:

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