Identifying anonymous subscribers

Web push notifications are sent to website visitors who have accepted on your website to receive notifications. No information is requested to visitors who subscribe, other than their subscription; so they are all anonymous at first. 

However, to be able to send personalized notifications (for instance: Hello Suzan! See what's new in our platform!), you need to be able to identify subscribers and see if some are contacts in your list of contacts in Dialog Insight.

There are two ways to map subscribers to contacts in your project: 

  • By sending an email (using injection rules)
    When configuring a website, an injection rule (Dialog Insight tracking) is automatically added in email communications on links containing the domain name specified in the configuration of web push notifications. Contacts who click a link that redirects them to your website will then be associated to a subscription if they decide to allow notifications, or if they already have.

  • By coding
    For more information on how to do this, see Integration with your website.

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