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The DImensions allow you to separate your database for the purposes of statistics, database analysis or personalization of email content. 

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Table of contents

Step 1 : Create a DImension

To start, from the DImension list you have to create one with the Add button next to the page title. A window will open asking for the DImension Name. If the use is for segmented statistics or database analysis, the choice of channels is irrelevant.

Step 2 : Create a segment

When creating a DImension, it contains only one level that includes all contacts. To add segments, simply add the + in the actions that appear when the mouse is over the "All Contacts" segment.

A menu will appear that allows you to define the segmentation. Several types of segments are offered (find the list at the end of the article), to choose a type go to the tab of the desired type and click Add.

After adding a segment, it is possible to continue adding another segment at the same level by continuing to Add. When several segments are used, it is possible that certain contacts fit into more than one segment or do not belong to any. In these cases, the checkboxes at the bottom let you specify the behavior by adding an "Others" or "All Contacts" segment, or allowing a contact to be part of multiple segments.

Step 3 : Add sub-segments

After adding segments, it is possible to separate them by adding sub-segments. To do this, just go to the line of the segment we want to re-divide and click the + again.

Repeat the steps described for creating a segment to define the sub-segment.
The result will look like this:

Étape 4 : Publish a DImension

Finally, when you like the DImension, just click Publish in the top right corner and the DImension can be used for segmented statistics of your emails.

Segment type definitions

ProfileContact Information ClausesAllNone
GroupsPredefined groups in the Groups moduleSegmented statistics and database analysisNot usable with an asset matrix
A/X splitRandom separation by percentage (will not always be the exact percentage)AllNone
PersonaPredefined personas in the Persona moduleAllPersonas must be activated in the project
FieldSimple contact card fieldsAllNone
TemplatePredefined Segment TemplatesAllTemplates must have been created in the project