Use seed lists


Identify Contacts as Seedlist

The first option to identify a seed list contact is to use the Add to seed list feature available from the contact's profile. A seeded contact can be added or removed at any time.

Path to follow : à Contact à Search à Results à Contact

We strongly suggest that you make a test plan in order to anticipate all the seed list contacts that will be required for your tests. The Dialog Insight team remains available if you need support with your testing strategy.

You can also search for a list of seeded contacts. To do this, go to Search, then use the field selector icon to add the "seed list contact" field. Then click Calculate to get the total number, or Search to access the list.

Create a Seedlist Group

When creating a group, an option is available to create a seed list group. This feature allows you to create multiple groups according to your different needs. This is useful if, for example, you are sending personalized communications with very different business rules. You can then create a control group according to specific criteria (e.g.: customer vs. prospect, newsletter subscribers vs. promotion, etc.). 

To be part of a seed list group, the profile must be identified as a seeded contact and meet your criteria. 

Path to follow : à Contact à Group à Create a group

You can also edit a group that is already made in order to made it a seed list group. 

Path to follow : à Contact à Group à Edit

Validate Messages with Seed List Group 

When previewing a message in the interface, it is possible to select a seed list group in order to restrict the list of contacts and display the content specific to each seeded contact.

Note: seed list groups are identified with the icon resembling a contact, which appears on the left of the list. 

This way, only the seed list will be available and you will be able to preview the content for the contacts in it. By displaying the seeded contact's profile in the left panel, you will be able to validate whether the content is appropriate.

Execute test with Seed List Group

If the email addresses of the seed list contacts are functional, you will also be able to send them a test mailing from the test interface. As previously mentioned, not all the mailing criteria (active, consent, subscription) are taken into account when sending a test mailing to a seed list group.

Path to follow : à Message à Test à Group

Select the seed list group you want and then click on Send

Add a Seed list group to deployment

Finally, if necessary, you can also add a seed list group to a mailing. This feature is made available to you so that you can add up to 100 seeded contacts to your official mailing to inform them of the mailing or to validate that everything is going well during the final deployment. The limit of 100 seed list contacts per mailing is in place to protect your reputation and the delivery of your messages.

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