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One of the calendar's biggest advantage is that is lets you access to most planned actions in Dialog Insight right from the calendar. So the calendar might just revolutionize the way you access your messages, sms, notifications and other communication channels!

It's simple. To access a message or other channel, find it in the calendar and click it to open or edit the action. The task bar shows you which steps are completed and which are left to be done, so you can quickly access the step to work on and open it right in the corresponding module.

It is important to know that all non-executed Dialog Insight actions show a timer icon  that indicates that the action can be edited - you can change the date it is sent, the message itself, or any other information. 

A Dialog Insight action can be accessed in different ways:

  • in the module associated to the action to be performed
  • in the calendar

Changes made to an action are always synchronized, wherever the edit is done. For example, if you change the sending date of a message in the message editor, this date will automatically also be changed in the calendar.

Edit example from the calendar

Changing the date of an action

You have planned to send a newsletter on a given date, but just decided to send it a week later.

Here are you edit options:

  • Simply drag-and-drop the action on the new date.
  • Open the action and change the date in the date field.
  • If you wish to edit the action in the module, click the step where the change is to be done, or click the edit icon .

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