The SMS module lets your create and send short text messages to your contacts, either individually or in batch.

By combining both email and SMS messages, your contacts have the possibility of reading your communications where and when they want, and this at very little extra cost.

The SMS module activation is done on demand; a request form is even available right in the application. Once the completed form is sent, an account manager will call you shortly after. For activation purposes, other tasks need to be performed by both the client and Dialog Insight, such as buying the required numbers to send SMS, configuring and activating those numbers, defining the eligible communication types, and more.

With the SMS module, you can do much more than send and receive SMS. Here are the other benefits related to the use of SMS.

  • Contact card - Shows a list of all SMS the contact has sent and received.

  • Marketing automation - You can send an SMS as part of a scenario.

  • Contact groups - You can create groups of contacts who have received SMS messages.

  • Home page - Shows SMS being approved or sent.

  • SMS results - As for email messages, there are similar results for SMS messages.