Displaying the results of a single sent message (email or SMS)

 This page lets you see the status of all single email or SMS messages sent to your contacts. These messages are automatically sent by processes, web services (API) or tests. This type of message targets only one recipient.

The following processes allow you to send single messages:

  • Opt-in forms
  • Profile update forms
  • Contest forms
  • Event forms
  • Prospection forms
  • Active links in emails
  • Personalized processes built by our team for your specific needs

This page lets you know whether your messages are being successfully delivered to the recipient and allows you to diagnose any issue in that regard. For instance, if you’ve configured a web service to send a message to your contacts, you can verify the status of these messages and identify any issue by using this page.

Access path
> Results > Single sendings

 How To

By default, the results show the messages sent on the previous day. To view all messages and their corresponding status, sort by descending date.

  1. If needed, select your sorting option and click Apply.
  2. Under Results, in the Status column, hover the mouse cursor over the icon to display its meaning.
  3. Double-click within a line to view the contact profile.
  4. Use the Results menu, at the top of the page to come back to results.

About the Production error status
This type of delivery failure generally occurs in a message bearing personalized and dynamic content that cannot be displayed to a contact.

Examples of production error causes:

  • Use of a personalization field that isn’t part of this project
  • Absence of a subject line or recipient details (name or email)
  • Absence of a message content
  • Programming errors
  • Message containing programming coding that encapsulates a request which is inactive or contains errors

Please check the corresponding message in case of error. If you need assistance to fix the issue, our support team is here to help!

About the Include test sendings filter
These are the tests sent during the editing phase of the email or SMS.

About the result column Message redirected to
These are generally the tests sent during the editing phase. The test message is sent to you as it would be sent to the contact, that is redirected to the chosen email recipient to receive the test.

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