Viewing Interception Results

**Take note that there may be a delay that could go up to 24 hours before the statistics appear.

Once the interception period has started, you can see the actions that have been performed through interception. If your interception aimed at inviting visitors to register to an event, to enter a contest or to complete a survey, you will be able to see how many visitors accepted it. If you wanted to intercept people so they viewed another page, you will see how many people clicked on the link to see this page.

Results are shown on the Summary page, which appears upon publication, whether interception has started or not. Obviously, no interception results can be compiled unless interception has started.

PrerequisiteThe interceptor must be published.
Access Path > Journey > Interceptors > page Summary

 How To

  1. Go to the Summary page.
  2. By default, you will see the results of the last 6 months, but you can change the display period anytime. You must be careful to select a display period that covers the entire interception period.

Following is a description of displayed results:

Views and
Interceptors displayed
Indicates the number of times the interception window was displayed. This result does not reflect the number of intercepted visitors, as if the recurrence is more than once, the same visitor could be intercepted many times. In this last situation, this would result in multiple views.
Accepted invitationIndicates the number of times the call-to action link or redirection link has been clicked.
Declined invitationIndicates the number of times the interception window was closed without the link being clicked.
GapAny gap between the sum of accepted and declined invitations and the total of views corresponds to the number of times the interceptor was displayed but not closed from the interceptor but from the site or page, and not from the interceptor window. So if a visitor sees the interceptor but closes the website page instead of closing only the interceptor window, this will not be accounted for in the results.

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