About the Score System

The score system lets you score your contacts based on criteria that are important to you. As this score is shown in the contact profile, and available to create groups, you can easily identify your most valuable contacts.

Once you have defined what criteria to use to calculate the score, how the score should be displayed and have calculate the score at least once, the score will show in the application in the following locations:

  • Contact card - Score displayed in the top part of the window, under the contact's name.
  • Group - Score displayed when defining a criterion based on the score. The available choices depend on the configuration of the score.
  • Message editor - Score displayed when defining dynamic content based on the score.

Most often, the score is based on contact information or subscriptions, as the following examples:

  • If the contact is a member
  • If the contact has a fidelity card
  • If the contact has subscribed to the monthly newsletter
  • If the contact has subscribed to promotions
  • Etc.

These are just a few examples, as there are numerous possibilities.

To use a more complex score system, using various combinations of criteria, it is suggested to first create the groups to target the desired contacts and to then select these groups as criteria to establish the score.

Example of a score based on groups

Let's say you have created 2 groups: One for active contacts and one for deactivated contacts.

You can then configure a first criterion using the group of active contacts, and set it so they receive a Thumbs up  score. And then, configure the second criterion with the group of deactivated contacts so they receive a Thumbs down  score.

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