Viewing SMS results

When the SMS module is enabled and SMS messages have been received and sent, you can view a summary of each SMS sent.

Prerequisite To see results, the project necessarily needs to have SMS that were sent.
Access Path > Results > SMS

 How To

  1. Start by selecting the type of results you want to see, either for SMS or Mailings using the sliding control or by clicking on the related icon.
  2. If needed, filter SMS or mailings by using criteria.
    1. You could want to only show results for a given time period, by specifying start and end dates.
    2. You could also choose to display SMS messages whose name contains certain characters.
    3. Click on Apply for the new criteria to be taken into account or on Reset to set them back to none.
  3. In the list of SMS or SMS mailings, select the one for which you want to view results and click on Consult.
    The Summary page displays and shows a preview of the SMS as well as the related results. To see information on the recipients of the message, double-click on the desired section.
Name Description
Production Total number of SMS in production, in production error or left to produce.
Delivery Total number of delivered SMS (green) and SMS in delivery error (red).
Confirmation Total number of delivered SMS, either with confirmation from provider that the SMS was delivered (dark green), or without this confirmation (light green). Note however that not all providers give confirmations.
Errors Total number of errors, either for delivery (light red) or production (dark red) reasons.

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