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When your message has multiple variants because you have inserted personalization in it, the impact results could be useful to you. Quickly see which clicks are the most effective using the red circles. 

To see the results of each circle, hover your mouse over it to see, for example, the percentage of contacts who clicked, and the total number of clicks. 

Only the desktop version is featured on the Impact page. When this version contains hidden links that only display on mobile phones, the impact area of these links is accessible in the upper left corner of the email.

Interface description

1. Access the variants of your email using the following drop-down menu. Percentages refer to the proportion of people who received this variant. This way, you can compare the links that work best for a particular variant, and compare them afterward. 

    *You can also navigate between variants using the arrows at the bottom of the screen. 

2. Lest menu

  • Targeted contact sample: For each variant, you can see some of the contacts that received it. By clicking on an email address, the message preview changes to show what the contact received.
  • Contact profile: You can get more information about the selected contact in this field. Click on the field selector icon to change the fields that are displayed. 

3. Types of results

You can have different results displayed using the gear. 

Display labelsInstead of hovering, you can use this function to get all the click results at a glance.
Clic rate versusYou can cross the click rate with 4 other data, which will be separated according to the variants:
  • Sent messages
  • Delivered messages
  • Opened messages
  • Clicked messages (Default)
Number of individualsNumber of individuals who clicked on the link
Number of clicksTotal number of clicks, considering that a contact may have clicked more than once. 
Link nameName that appears in the email
Link URLURL specified when creating the email

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