Adding a phone number on the SMS kill file

The purpose of adding a phone number on the kill file is to stop sending SMS to this number.

Other than when a contact replies STOP to an SMS, there are other ways to add a phone number ot the SMS kill file. 

Numbers listed on the kill file can no longer receive SMS messages. For SMS to be sent again, the number must be removed from the kill file.

The profile of contacts whose number has been put on the kill file indicates this status by displaying a red icon .

From the contact card

If you have the permission, the button Add to the SMS kill file will be visible.

  1. Access the profile of the contact whose number you wish to block.
  2. Click on the button Add to the SMS kill file.
  3. Once the contact is on the SMS kill file, the consent SMS icon of the contact is changed to .

Via Account Management > Kill file

You need to have access to the Account Management module.

  • By manual input

    1. Open the Add page.
    2. Add the phone numbers to block from sending SMS, as follows:
      • One phone number per line.
      • All number must start by « + ».
      • Each number must contact between 3 and 16 characters.
    3. Click Add.

  • By import

    1. Open the Import page.
    2. Click Choose file to select the file of banned phone number you wish to add to the kill file.
    3. Click Import.

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