Predefining Authorized Senders or Reply-to adresses

This feature makes it easier for users to send messages by setting authorized senders and reply-to emails in advance, thus making sure they are always valid. This way, users must select the sender and the reply-to email from a dropdown list of valid choices.

It is possible to define senders or reply-to emails for the entire account, a specific project or a communication type.


Before adding authorized senders, you need to complete the email authentication for your account. If you do not see the Authorized senders feature, you might not have been granted permission.

Step 1: Define the Available Format

In the Account Management section, select Authorized senders:

Then, check Activate and choose between these 2 formatting options: 

Option 1: Predefine both name and email
Option 2: Predefine email only
The name and email of the sender are displayed in the Sender's dropdown list when you create an email.

Only the Sender email field is displayed in the list, while the Sender name must be entered manually.

Check Allow users manual entry (other) if you want the users to have the Other... option in the dropdown list, which allows to enter another email manually:

Step 2: Add an Authorized Sender

Click on Add next to Senders:

  • Specify the project in which you want to use this sender or the email - either in all projects or just one in particular. If you do not have any projects yet, select All. You may come back later to change this choice.  
  • If you have selected a specific project, choose the communication type in which to use it - either all types or one in particular. If you do not have a communication type yet, select All. You may come back later to change this choice.  
  • Type the name and email.

Step 3: Add a Reply-to Address

Click on Add next to Reply-to address. The information to fill in is similar to step 2. 

Note that it is not mandatory to provide a Reply-to email, but if none is provided, the sender domain will be used as default. 

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