About Landing Pages

A landing page is any web page that a visitor can arrive at, or “land” on, after following a hyperlink (promotional email, ad banners, etc.). It is usually a standalone page with the main goal of leading the visitor to perform a specific action (download a document, request a quote, schedule a meeting, etc.). To optimize conversions, the landing page must be designed with your campaign goals clearly in mind.

Landing pages are used in targeted advertising campaigns, with preferably specific landing pages dedicated to each campaign. Landing pages are particularly useful for ad campaigns using marketing tactics such as Google AdWords, emails and prints.

Benefits of Dialog Insight's landing pages

  • Content editing in visual mode (drag and drop)
  • Content personalization for visitors
  • A/B testing made easy to optimize conversions
  • Conversion goals defined
  • Automatic contact recognition on the landing page allowing for targeted communication later on
  • Visit and conversion stats
  • Domain name personalization

What should a landing page contain?

  • A clear and appealing title
  • A subtitle to support the title in indicating the purpose of the landing page
  • A short description wrapped in a paragraph
  • A list of reasons or advantages to encourage the visitor in performing the desired action
  • A visual or a video
  • A clear call to action such as a big, bright button
  • Positive customer reviews or stats

Dialog Insight's landing page types

The goal of these landing pages is to stir the interest of visitors to know more. The call to action is a click on a button, an image or a link to meet this conversion goal.
  • Promotional offers (product or service)
  • Promoting a mobile app
(Lead generation)
The goal of these landing pages is to make the visitor fill out a form, usually in order to download or access a document.
  • Download a file (white papers, reports, guides, videos)
  • Subscribe to a newsletter, a blog or any news outlet of interest
  • Register to a live training


Advice and best practices

Discover our tips for creating effective pages that meet your needs.

Create a landing page

Learn how to create pages and set conversion objectives (see Creating a Landing Page).

Access the results

Measure the effectiveness of your page (see Viewing Landing Page Results).

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