Creating the Opt-In Workflow

Creating a opt-in workflow consists in defining the various steps of your opt-in process, configuring the form to be completed by clients and prospects want to subscribe to your communications, defining the confirmation page as well as the welcome message and applying the double opt-in option if you want these steps to be part of your opt-in process.

As for hosting your forms, you have two choices - you can host your forms on Dialog Insight or integrate the form directly on your website. Depending on the choice you make, the workflow will be slightly different.


PrerequisiteThe opt-in and update form management module needs to be enabled.
Access Path > Workflows > Opt-in and Update

 How To

Specify the form's basic parameters
  1. In the form creation window, start by specifying the type of form you want to create:
    • Opt-in form - Allows contacts to subscribe to one or more communications.
  2. Indicate where the form will be created and deployed.
    • Hosted by Dialog Insight - If you choose to host your form on Dialog Insight's server, the creation workflow will generate a link to this hosted form, that you will have to copy-paste where you want, either in a message or on a web page.
    • Integrated to your Web site - If you decide to integrate the form directly in you website, the workflow will generate the entire code for the form, and you will need to copy-paste it on the website pages of your choice.
  3. Specify the language of your form. If you need to create forms in more than one language, you will have to create one form for each language.
  4. Click on Create.
    The workflow editor page will open.
Name and configure the opt-in form workflow
  1. In the edit page of the opt-in workflow, the first thing to do is to change the name of the form that is assigned by default by clicking on the edit icon next to the name.
  2. Save the new name.
  3. The workflow editor shows all the steps that can be part of the opt-in process. Each step needs to be configured.

    The various steps than can be part of the opt-in workflow are as follows:
    1. Creating the opt-in form
    2. Creating or editing the information page
      • Successful opt-in - This is the page that displays to inform the person that the opt-in was done correctly.
      • To view and edit this page, click on the page icon .
      • See how to do this by reading Editing an Information Page.
    3. Enabling and defining opt-in options
      • Welcome message - Option that sends a welcome message to the contact that usually includes a link to provide more information, view another website or request opt-in confirmation (used with the Double opt-in option). If you want a welcome message to be sent, select this option.
        To view and edit the welcome message, click on the message icon .
      • Double opt-in - Option that is only offered if you have not enabled Dialog Insight's consent center. This option allows the person to confirm subscription in a message that is sent after the form has been completed. This option requires that a welcome message be also sent.
      • To view and edit the double opt-in success page, click on the related page icon . See also Editing an Information Page.
    4. Validating
      • Click on the preview icon  to make sure the form displays as desired.
    5. Publishing
      • Once the workflow is configured and adjusted to your needs, click Publish.
        If the button is grayed out, this means that there are incomplete elements or errors. Check the display option to see what needs to be corrected.

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