Taking Advantage of Personas

Using personas in Dialog Insight is a great way of helping you fine tune the personalization of your communications as it lets you define your target into defined groups. By associating a fictive character to a type of contacts, you will more easily understand these contacts and will be better at focusing on their needs and motivations.

It is also important to give your personas a real name; this way it will be easier to view them as real people and this will help you, in the long run, to know them better.

In Dialog Insight, the criteria available to define a persona can be taken from the following sources:

  • Any field show in the contact's profile
  • The subscription status to a specific communication type
  • The way contacts have been created, and the creation date
  • The location of contacts, based on their provided geolocation

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Once you have defined and configured your personas, you can use them for various functions:

  • SEGMENTATION - To create groups of contacts.
  • PERSONALIZATION - To define who a conditional block (image or text) is for in the message, and to test different conditional content before sending the message.
  • PROFILE - To see a contact's persona(s).
  • SEARCH - To search for contacts.
  • MARKETING AUTOMATION - In scenarios, to target contacts, or to add a condition.
  • STATS - To see how many contacts are associated to your personas.

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