Assigning Permissions to a User

PrerequisiteYou must first create the user by providing basic information. See Creating a new User.
Access PathAccount Management > Users > List > [Select a user] > Permissions page

Définition: In order for a user to access the features of Dialog Insight, you must assign access permissions to the different sections of the application. By default, a user does not have any permissions, so you must grant him the appropriate permissions.

How to

  1. Go to the Permissions tab
  2. You then have the option to assign this new user different types of permissions:
  • Individual: i.e. you choose them yourself one at a time.
  • Pre-defined: the application suggests permissions based on the most frequently used modules of the application
  • Custom groups: you build your own permission groups based on your company's processes. For example, build groups for viewing results only, creating email, or approving messages.

Refer to the following articles to assign the type of permissions you are interested in

  1. Description of predefined permissions 
  2. Assign group permissions 
  3. Assign individual permissions

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