2021 Changes Archive

Week of November 29th


  • Added choice of clickthrough rate computation on opens or deliveries. By default, the platform uses Clicks/Opens.
  • Adjusted certain terms used 

Image Uploads

  • Added a maximum file size of 25MB
  • Added a warning for using images above 1Mb

Email Deployments

  •  New option to stop the production of emails past a specified date and time


  • Made multiple improvements to the Shopify integration


  • Added criteria on attributes of the child project for SCV projects

Journal Exports

  • Included definitions of Persona
  • Included definitions of Communication Types

Week of November 15th


  • Fixed detection of associated DImension in error


  • Allowed criteria on the creation of contacts in the parent project from the child project

Week of November 1st


  • Modified the Campaign box to redirect towards the Marketing Automation page


  • Added Support of Table variables

Week of October 18th

Message editors

  • Added a warning when using unsafe HTTP links  

Week of October 4th

Email List

  • Added Security Attributes to the field list
  • Editing tags from the list 
  • Filtering items by any user

Week of September 20th

Automatic Imports

  • Delete files after successful import

Week of September 13th

New Email List 

The email list changed to make it easier to use and faster to navigate. 


  • Single centralized list
  • Configuration shortcut
  • Easy list filtering
  • Customizable display options

Find out more about the email list here.  

Updated Editor

The improved visual and navigation of the email editor make it easier to create an email. 


  • New Exit button
  • Revamped image library
  • Efficient navigation between content blocks
  • Condensed visual

Check out this page for more information or enter the editor for a tour of the modifications.

Week of September 6th


  • Added button to remove existing filter from the edition of filter

Week of August 23rd


  • Unification of Marketing Automation and Experiential Campaigns in one list
  • Added Mobile Push communications
  • Changed certain icons in the menu


  • Additional confirmation to send an SMS already in treatment to limit double deployments
  • Improvements to the delivery status

Week of July 19th

New notification feed system

You can now subscribe to notification feeds and receive updates if any processing errors occur.

Account management  > Notifications feed

For more information, check out this article

Week of April 12th

New features to the marketing automation module

  • Redesign of the list and addition of more advanced features such as filter and bar results
  • New test tool for your scenarios in progress
  • New list to access your scenario archives

Week of March 16th

Security attributes in custom table

Week of March 9th

SMS Module

Addition of tags when sending SMS messages. 

Week of March 1st

New guide through for better assistance

We are introducing the new step-by-step tool to help you create your marketing campaigns in Dialog Insight, in addition to providing you with a new help center accessible through the compass in the bottom right corner of your screen. Also look for the guided tour button to better understand the general interface, or the guide me buttons found in the feature pages.

Week of February 23rd

Undo-Redo in the message editor and clickable resources in the results pages 

You can now use the icon in the editing section of an email to go back and undo an action you have done. Locate the icon in the top right menu.

From the Results, go directly to the message sent or to the targeted group by clicking on the title of the message or in the zone ''sent to group''.

Week of January 18th

Launch of the seed list and A/X tests in the new automated marketing editor

The concept of the seed list is now part of the application to better test the different versions of your communications. In addition to this, improvements to the marketing automation module are visible, such as the new A/X tests node and execution history.  

Discover the seed lit 

Discover the marketing automation new testing tool 

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