Additional Options

Access the advanced options in the configuration of an automated scenario by clicking on this icon


Option description


Associate a category with your automated scenario, if you want to group them together because you have several, or to use these categories to restrict access permissions.

These categories must have been created beforehand via Contact > Configuration > Categories > Campaigns.

Blackout dates

Dates that will be ignored in the execution of your campaigns. A blackout date is automatically applied to all types of campaigns. 

However, you can apply blackout dates according to a particular category, hence the interest of categorizing them.  

To learn how to do this, see Ignore dates in campaign execution.

Time zone

Time zone in which the dates and times will be applied.

Campaign parameters

Use data from your APIs to set up your messages or your automated exports. 

This option requires more advanced programming. We advise you to contact us to discuss potential parameters to insert in your campaigns in order to personalize certain elements. 


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