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To access the Summary of Message Results, see this article

HeaderOverview of
  • Processing: which corresponds to the number of messages to be delivered on the number of targeted contacts. This last data usually displays 100% once all messages are delivered; this data is more useful when a sending is in progress.
  • Delivery: Percentage of contact who received the message
  • Views: Message opened
  • Clicks: Total of contacts who clicked on one message
Performance IndicatorCurrent message:
Actual numbers associated with the targeted contacts.

Compared to the type of communications
Compared opening and clicks based on a target of success you have indicated in your project, or based on the average percentage for that type of communication.

Compared to sector
Dialog Insight accumulates statistics of many organizations throughout different sectors. Compare your rates to other sectors by clicking the arrow and accessing all the options available.

Pie charts
  • Delivery performance: percentage of contacts who did receive the message, and percentage of contacts who bounced (either because the email is no longer valid or the reception is full). Depending of bouncing error, a contact can be automatically deactivated in your database. 
  • View distribution: by devices
  • Click-through distribution: by devices
  • Contact attrition: based on delivery performance or actions taken by the contact, fluctuation of your contact status may change, such as quarantined contact, opt-outs and spam complaints. 
Most clicked HyperlinksTable that displays up to 10 hyperlinks in your message, and specifics results:

  • Sent: how many contacts received the link (may change if you have personalized message)
  • Views: how many contacts saw the link
  • Click-throughs: how many contacts clicked to access the link
  • Recipients: how many contacts accessed the link

Performance resultsDelivery performance: Indicates the time at which the message was fully delivered
Opening and clicks: Indicates over a period of time the number of contacts who clicked and/or opened the message
  1. If the message was sent less than 2 days ago, the default display is every 5 minutes.
  2. If the message has been sent for more than 2 days and less than 5 days, the default display is by the hour.
  3. If the message has been sent for more than 5 days, the default display is by day.

Results byResults by domain
You can easily see email domains associated with contacts who have received, opened, and clicked the most on your message. To see more results, click on the magnifier .

Result by device type
This graph is linked to the Result by Device Type table, which displays the number of open and clicked messages by device type. The graph and this table can be viewed in Full Page mode, with more information, by clicking on the table title or the magnifier.

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