New Release for April 2nd, 2019

Emails - Plain-text version

Generate the plain-text version of an email from the content of its HTML version or generate a default version.

The plain-text version has several advantages, including:

  • Screen readers prefer the plain-text version of emails because it is easier to read.
  • Better delivery of emails (anti-spam).
  • Some devices, such as smart watches, process plain-text better.

For more details on the procedure, see Generating a plain-text version.

Emails - Availability of templates

You must now publish your email templates so that your users can use them in their communications. The objective of this change is to make them available only when they are completed and tested.

For more details on the procedure, see Creating and publishing an email template.

Other enhancements

  • Image library - Access your image library from the right-hand menu of the platform, under the Hosting section.
  • Drag-and-Drop editors - Hold the SHIFT key on the keyboard to delete a block without confirming deletion.
  • Relational data - Change the type (profiling or reference) of your relational tables.
  • Security - Automatic deactivation and password reset of inactive users.
    We invite you to review your security rule configuration.

Upcoming features

  • Automated scenarios - Updating and improving the tool
  • Web push - Support more browsers (Edge, safari, etc.)
  • Web customization - Customization of your website according to your known visitors
  • RCS (Rich Communication Services) - Remplacing SMS?

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