Exporting a contact's entire data file

You can export all of a contact's data, including history data, in a RAR compressed file. This file can then be sent to a contact who has asked for it, or to any other authorized person.

The function gives you to possibility to send contacts a file containing all the information you have on them. This can be useful when applying the General Data Protection Regulation in force in Europe to give contacts access to their information.

How To

  1. Open the contact card of the contact whose data you want to export.
    1. Click Contacts > Search.
    2. Search for the desired contact by specifying the necessary criteria.
    3. Click Search.
    4. In the search result window, double-click on the name of the contact you want, or select the contact and click Details.
  2. Once the contact's car is displayed, click the Export button.

    The export process can take some time. You can exit this window and come back later. When the file export is complete, a window will advise you that the file is available for download.

  3. Once file is ready and available, click Download.
  4. The file file_name.rar will be saved in your download folder. 

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