When the event registration module is enabled, you also get the possibility to create group of contact using event or registration status information. For instance, you can create a group of contacts that have registered to a specific event at a specific date to send these contacts a reminder or a satisfaction survey once the event is over.      

Select or ExcludeOption used to indicate whether you want to include or exclude contacts resulting from the search.
Registration related informationOption to target contacts based on registrations.
  • those who have registered to an event (whether they have cancelled it or not afterwards)
  • those who have registered but not cancelled
  • those who have registered but have not confirmed following the confirmation request
  • those who have registered and have confirmed following the confirmation request
  • those who have registered but have cancelled their registration later on
  • those who were present to the event
Event related informationOption to create groups based on events.
  • to target all events
  • to target a specific event
  • to target any events for a given date or period
To target an event for a given period, you must specify the period.
When specifying a date, it is possible to choose a specific date, specify that the date matches a value entered in another project field, or requires that the date matches the query date. How the two values should connect is determined by the selected operator.
See a detailed description of the Period field.