Editing an Interceptor

Editing an existing interceptor can be done at various levels. One might want to edit only the name, or change completely the interception rules, template or dates.

Note that when the interceptor has been created and published, some changes cannot be performed, such as changing the interception site and period.

When changes are made, they are applied as soon as the interceptor is updated and will only apply to interceptions done after the update. Note that modifying interception rules might have an impact of results.

PrerequisiteAt least one interceptor has to be created.
Access Path > Workflows > Interceptors > select one interceptor > Edit button

 How To

The first page that displays in edit mode shows the interception rules, but you can choose to do to any page to edit the related information.

Select the type of edit you want to do to see the related instructions.

Edit the name of the interceptor
  1. Click on the edit icon located next to the interceptor name to change it.
  2. In the edit window, enter the new name and click Edit
Edit the interception rules

Various changes to the interception rules can be done, like adding pages to intercept or not intercept, the targeted visitors, etc.

  1. Go to the Rules page to change the situations where the interceptor should display.
  2. For changes to take effect, you must update the interceptor by clicking Update on the Publish page.
Edit the template or call-to action

Although these changes are not much likely to be done, unless the interceptor has been unpublished, you could change the template used or the call-to caction.

  1. Go to the Content page and make the desired changes.
  2. For changes to take effect, you must update the interceptor by clicking Update on the Publish page.
Edit the content of the interceptor

Editing the content is done in the message editor, under the Edit page.

To edit any section, click on the edit iconof the related area. This will open the corresponding edit window.

All the template's sections and contents can be edited:


Image of your company or representative of the action you want people to perform.
You can choose an image of 600-pixel wide, set a alternate text to show when images cannot be displayed and specify alignment and padding.

This is the main content of the interceptor, that explains the purpose of the interception.
You must compose the text and edit text and link styles as well as padding.

This is the button that opens the form to participate, subscribe or access the new page.
You can change the text shown on the button as well as its style and location and padding.

Element used to add an horizontal line.
You can change the width, color and padding.

To see a preview of what the edited interceptor looks like, click on .

Edit the interception period

The interception period cannot be changed when the interceptor is published. So if you want to extend, reduce or change the interception period, you must first unpublish the interceptor, change the dates and republish.

  1. Go to the Publish page.
  2. Click on Unpublish.
  3. Make the desired changes to the start or end dates or hours.
  4. Click on Publish.
Re-test the interceptor

If you have made changes, it is important to always test your interceptor to be certain all is as desired.

  1. Go to the Publish page and click on Test.

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