PrerequisiteAt least one interceptor must have been created.
Access Path > Workflows > Interceptors
Info: Duplicating an interceptor lets you quickly create a new one similar to an existing one, so most of the configuration are done. Only a few changes must be done, depending on the needs of the new interceptor.You can copy any interceptor, whether under construction or online. Everything is copied, except for the status, which is reset to "under construction".

How To

  1. In the list of existing interceptors, select the one you wish to copy and click Duplicate.
    1. The new interceptor will have the same name as the original, followed by the suffix _Copy. We suggest you change the name to better differentiate it. 
  2. Open the newly created interceptor and rename it.
  3. As all data has been copied, make sure to review all pages to make the necessary changes in the interception rules or in the interceptor format or text. To make changes, do as when Editing an Interceptor or Creating an Interceptor.
  4. Make sure to check the interception period and to test your new interceptor under the Publish page and to put in online by clicking Publish.