Operations to Transfer a Message to a Friend

Creating a message that lets the recipient transfer a message to a friend is done in the same manner as a regular message, with the exception that you need to insert that specific type of link and configure the form used to collect information on the friend. Adding a Tell-A-Friend link, as opposed to simply transferring a message, is useful if you want the recipient to be able to transfer the message without having the recipient personal information or opt-out link displayed, to collect statistics and to offer the possibility for the friend to also subscribed (by including in the transferred message a link to a registration form for example).

PrerequisiteThis feature is only available for messages created using the HTML editor. Refer to Creating an HTML Message.
Access Path > Messages > EMail
> Workflows > Other forms > Tell a friend to set up the form

 How To

Before creating the message with the Tell-A-Friend transfer option, you need to first create the form to complete by the person who wants to transfer the message.

Configure the form used to provide information about the friend

The generic form called Tell a friend must first be configured by Dialog Insight. Some elements can be customized for each message, depending on the specific needs of clients.

  1. Access the base form via > Workflows > Other forms and selectTell a friend.
  2. In the message option section:
    1. Edit the default message subject by the one of your choice if needed.
    2. If you want to customize further the subject, with the name of the contact, for example, click on the  icon to select the appropriate variables.
    3. If the form can be displayed in other languages, for example in the recipient's language, you can specify a different subject for each form languages.
  3. Important considerations regarding the message's subject (main and transferred)
    (in the header and edit area of the message editor)
    Subject of the main message. The main subject is only shown in the transferred message when no other subject is specified (in the Subject field of the Tell a friend Subject section, under Library or in the Message subject of the Tell-A-Friend generic form).
    (in the message editor, in the Tell a friend Subject section under Library)
    Subject shown in the transferred message, mainly in custom-made forms, unless the generic Tell-A-Friend form does not have a subject set in the Message subject field.
    Message subject
    (in the Tell-A-Friend generic form)
    Subject shown in the transferred message when a generic Tell-A-Friend form was set. Since a default subject is defined, the subject of the transferred message should never be blank or be the same as the main message subject.
  4. In the form option section:
    1. Select the logo to show in the form, if you want one. Click on the edit icon to select an image amongst the hosted files or to download an image from your local computer. If needed, click on  to preview an image. If you do not want to display any logo at all, just click on  to make sure to delete any image.
      *If you do not have the file hosting module, you will have the option to insert an image by providing its URL address.
    2. Once the desired image is selected, click on Add file(s).
    3. Type in the introductory text that you want to see on the form to be filled out by the person who wants to transfer the message. If you want to use customization variables, you can do so by clicking on  .
    4. To see the form as it will be shown to contacts who wish to transfer the message to a friend, click on the magnifier. You will be able to see the message as well as the confirmation message with the image you have used.
    5. Indicate by checking the related option if you want the sender to be able to add a personalized comment in the transferred message.
      **If you have activated this option, YOU MUST also copy the related code IN THE MESSAGE for the comment area to show.
      1. To copy the code, click on the link Click here to get the code to copy.
      2. In the window that opens, select ALL the content of the code and press CTRL+C.
        **If your message was created using the older message editor (V1), you should copy the code shown under the Code (Old message) tab; for all other messages, use the regular code.
      3. Close the window.
    6. Description of customizable elements
      Message subject
      • The message subject can be customized by replacing the default subject Suggestion from friend by any other subject you choose.
      • The subject can be localized for all the generic form languages. (English, French and Russian, for now).
      • The subject can also include variables, which can identify the sender or the contact by using the Email, First Name or Last Name variables.
      Custom logo
      • It is possible to add a custom logo in the form and to even choose a different logo for each language if so desired.
      Custom introductory message
      • The introductory message can be customized by replacing the default message Forward this message to a friend by providing the following information by another message that suits your needs.
      • The message can be localized for all the generic form languages. (English, French and Russian, for now).
      Allow sender to add a custom comment
      • Check box option that indicates if the sender can add a custom comment in the form. When this option is active, the person who is transferring the message can enter a more personalized comment intended for that specific friend.

It is important to note that changes made to a generic Tell-A-Friend form do not apply to custom forms created by Dialog Insight.

Create the message

Start by creating the message by following the same procedure as for any other message. See Creating an HTML Message.

Then, to include a link that lets the recipient transfer the message to a friend, do as explain below:

  1. Access the message editor via > Messages > EMail.
  2. In the Library section of the message editor, under the field Add... of the Link library section, select Tell-A-Friend form link.
  3. In the Culture field, select the language of the form to display.
  4. Specify the text to use as the link in the message in the Label field. For example, the link could be Click here to transfer this message to a friend.
  5. Make sure to place the cursor where you want the link to be inserted in the message and then click on Insert.
  6. Register all your changes by clicking on Save.
Copy the code into the message

If you want the sender to be able to add a personalized comment in the transferred message, you MUST also copy the related code IN THE MESSAGE for the comment area to show.

  1. Open the message editor, in the HTLM VERSION, via > Messages > EMail > select message with Tell-A-Friend link.
  2. Paste the copied code at the beginning of the message using CTRL+V.
  3. Save your change.
Test and send the message

Your message is now ready to be tested and then sent.

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