Creating a contest lets you define the entire content of the contest and how it should be implemented.

Prerequisite This module must be activated and a contest project must be created in order to create, edit, or manage contests. Options may be accessed by selecting the project from a drop down list or on any page. Once a contest project is selected, all basic Contact menus (Contacts, Emails, and Statistics) will disappear and the contest and setup box will be displayed..
The application requires the addition of a template specifying fields to be included and layout to be used. These templates are designed and integrated into the project by the Dialog Insight's technical team.
Access Path > Contests > List

 How To

Define the name and type of the context to be created

The Create function requires that the administrator select the project type and name. This name is only for administrative purposes and is not displayed to the participants. The project type determines if the contest will be created from a template or from an existing contest.

Define the contest parameters
Title and Description The application provides an editable page where the administrator may change and/or add a name and administrative description for the project. A drop-down list of available templates is provided. All changes are applied when the page content is saved. The administrator may access this page once the contest is created or by clicking on the Edit tab.
Mathematical Question Participants entering the contest may be asked a mathematical question. The answer is defined in the Answer field within the Edit tab. Only participants who provide the correct answer will be eligible for the draw.
Customize the template if needed

This function lets the administrator modify all editable components of a contest. When creating a template, some components, such as required fields and registration process, are defined as invariant or fixed. This page displays only the editable components of a contest. To access or modify these components, click on the icon to the right of each component.

Colour Editable colour zones, if available, are grouped in the Colours section. The system uses the #RRGGBB colour chart (hexadecimal).
Text Texts are editable and may contain Hypertext Mark-up Language (HTML). It is possible to create content with other software by copying the text code, including the display layout, and pasting it in the box provided for this purpose. Fonts to be used are defined in the template. It is possible to modify fonts by adding HTML tags into the box.
Images The template may contain several editable images. The location of the images is fixed, but their size may vary. Each image used with the template must be hosted on a Web server and must be accessible from an HTTP address. The image may be modified by copying the URL of the new image into the box and validating the selected options. The image must be properly resized in order to retain its original aspect ratio. The alternate text will be displayed if the image is unavailable or if the Internet user moves the cursor over the image. The selected image will be displayed in the lower box.
*Alignment is used to define the image and text layout. If the Preview box is checked, both the image and text will be displayed in the lower box.
Specify the winning prize

This option allows the administrator to define the prizes to be awarded. The administrator may enter the prize names, description, and available quantities. Winners will be determined at the time of each prize draw.

Validate the format and content of the contest

The Preview/Test tab lets the administrator review the entire process of the contest, as well as validates texts and layout before launching it online. The upper box displays the process by displaying all web pages and emails. Content may be previewed by clicking on the desired page or email. The lower box will display the content of the selected page or email.

Put the contest online

The Implementation page may be accessed by clicking on the Implementation tab. This lets the administrator test the contest through temporary implementation or to officially launch it online. The system provides a data purge option to delete any test data conducted under temporary implementation. A launch date and final date must be provided in order to launch the contest. The application automatically manages entries according to these dates.

Date format: 2009.01.01 23:59.
In this example, the contest expires on January 1, 2009, at 23:59. If time is not specified, the contest expires at 00:00.

The Reset button in the Implementation page lets the administrator delete participants or tests performed. Before deleting any data, the system will ask the administrator to validate the procedure through a confirmation box. This action is irreversible. Deleted data cannot be re-accessed.

Verify the progress of the contest

The Follow-up tab displays a monitoring chart showing the evolution of the contest as well as the number of daily entries. Date range and layout may be adjusted according to needs.

View the list of participants

The Participants list may be viewed by clicking on the Participants tab. It is then possible to review the participants’ files and history or to export the entire list. The browsing options below may be used to view the different pages. The listing layout may be customized by clicking on the blue gear icon (settings).

Announce the contest

The application provides links to the survey once it is online. These links may be used on a Website or in an email. It is then possible to promote the contest and direct the Internet users to its home page, or cross-referral section (Tell a friend!), if available, or to the Winners page.

Draw and see the winners

The draw is carried out through the Winners interface. To make a selection, the administrator must enter a number in the DesiredNumber of Winners field and click on Proceed to Draw.

Approve/Reject Winners Once the draw is complete, the administrator may approve or reject the winners. This situation applies when winners provide a wrong answer, or do not comply with the terms and conditions of the contest. The administrator selects the participant and applies the necessary approval measure. In the event winners are rejected, the administrator can conduct another draw to pick new winners.
An additional data column, such as one for the answer to the mathematical question, may be created. This may be done by clicking on the drop down menu at the end of the list and making a selection.
Purge Contacts This option lets the administrator delete all participants and their related data. Since the Contact technology is offered on a per-use basis, we suggest purging data after each contest. A note recommending this action is automatically sent to the administrator three (3) months following the end of a contest. The purge permanently deletes the participants and their related data. It is important to export the data prior to the purge. To reduce the risks of error, the system will ask the administrator to confirm the purge by entering the word "PURGE”.
Note: The winners list will not be deleted and will remain available for review.