Overview of the Drag-and- Drop Message Editor

The Drag & Drop message editor was created to simplify message creation and editing. As its name suggests, this editor lets you select a message element and drag and drop it to the location of your choice in the message. If the message templates provided do not meet your needs, please contact us to take advantage of a more personalized solution.

The message editor shown depends on the selected template. So if you want to create and edit your message by simply dragging elements into the message, make sure to create your message from a Drag & Drop template.

As soon as you open a message in the Drag & Drop editor, the application menus and toolbars disappear to leave all the space for the editor. To go back to the list of messages, just close the editor; this will also bring back the application's standard display.

Access Path > Messages > EMail

Description of the editor sections

1 Name of the message.
Click on the name to edit it.
2 To go back to the list of messages, in the application's standard display mode.
3 To access the different pages of the editor - Edit, Test and Send.
4 To start the Show me tool and see a brief presentation of the editor.
5 To view message errors and warnings.
6 To read review notes.
7 To access additional edit options, less common.
8 To access the online help.
9 To close the full screen editor and return to the list of messages, in the application's standard view mode.
10 To select images.
11 To view and edit the message's default styles.
12 To include layouts, which are required to include content blocks.
13 To include content, either text, images, HTML code, buttons and social media links.

Moving options around

Know that you can change the display of the various sections by simply moving them to the desired location. The new display will be saved when you exit the editor and the new display will show when you next access a message in the Drag & Drop mode.

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