In the Dialog Insight application, a "contact" refers to any person that has a record in a project database (its contact list). There are several types of contacts, which correspond to contact states: Eligible/Not eligible, and subscribed/not subscribed/unsubscribed.

Contacts can change their status during sending, depending opt-outs from contacts or replies from destination servers.


  • Active contact
    A contact is active when the related email address or phone number is valid and when the contact has not been deactivated (by an opt-out in a message, manually or by a replacement import).
  • Inactive contact
    Contact who has been deactivated in any of the following methods:
    • The contact has unsubscribed by clicking on the opt-out link in a message.
    • The contact has been deactivated manually by an Dialog Insight user.
    • The contact has been deactivated by a replacement import, which deactivates any contact that does not show in the file to import.
    • The contact has been deactivated following a spam complaint or a request via Web service (API) or profile update form.
  • Contact in quarantine
    A contact is placed into quarantine when the related email address or phone number is reported as non existent by the destination server, based on responses provided directly to the email account providers.
    For more information, see About Quarantines.
  • Invalid contact
    A contact is invalid when the related email address does not respect the correct syntax. It is possible to see the list of all invalid contacts via Contact > Results > Errors > Invalid Contacts tab.
  • Back listed contact
    A contact is placed on the kill file when one of the following event occurs:
    • The contact has reported the message as Spam or Junk.
    • Upon the client's request, the contact was manually put on the kill file.

Description of status

The profile is where you can find all the information about a contact, including its reception status ( for a contact you can send communications to,  for a contact you can not). Hover your cursor over the tooltips to see the details of each status. The channels vary depending on the modules activated for the account.

Note: If you do not have the required permission to send communications, the channel column will display a gray check mark. You will need to ask an administrator to validate that you have permission to use the channel to send the desired communication type(s).

The descriptions below are for the Email and SMS channels. For a list of possible situations, see Troubleshooting Contact Reception Status Issues.

Contact statusDescription
EligibleAn active contact with a valid email address or phone number that is not in quarantine or blacklisted. An eligible contact will always be identified by , unless you do not have permission to contact him.
Not eligible

A contact is considered inadmissible when at least one of these statements is true :

  • It is inactive.
  • It has been quarantined.
  • He has been added to the kill file (Email or SMS)
  • His email address or phone number is invalid.

When a contact is not elligible, no message can be sent to him through the application .

SubscribedContact who has agreed to receive at least one communication type for which you can send communications. To see the opt-ins of a contact, scroll down to the bottom of their profile.
Not subscribedContact who has not agreed to receive any communication type for which you can send communications.
UnsubscribedContact who has unsubscribed from all communication types for which you can send communications.